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Search Process

Search Process

TRS Executive Search is a multi-specialty retained executive search consulting practice with a combined thirty-year track record of success.


Securing solid information initially facilitates our understanding of your expectations and prevents false starts.

  • We meet with key stakeholders to develop an understanding of your expectations, culture and position requirements through defining objectives and developing key selection criteria.
  • We develop a customized search strategy based on information discovered from our stakeholder meetings about the key selection factors; candidate requirements, recruiting targets, and compensation parameters used to develop a formal search plan.
  • We develop a comprehensive position description incorporating a company description, management requirements, critical success factors, leadership requirements and essential candidate competencies.


An executive search firm runs on information. Information about specific industries, companies, company strategies and cultures; and executives with their background information including abilities, limitations, and compensation is vital. Our process involves methodical analysis, planning and research in order to develop target lists of candidates who represent the best executive talent for a particular position.

  • Original research
  • Define and decode targets
  • Industry, professional associations and publications
  • Proprietary database
  • Networking and sourcing


TRS Executive Search excels at turning passive candidates into interested participants. This is where we truly earn our clients business. Search is our passion. We have the ability and network to identify and recruit from an unlimited number of companies without the encumbrance of off limits restrictions faced by larger firms.

  • Contact candidates within target organizations
  • Persuade passive candidates
  • Examine accuracy of information


TRS Executive Search evaluates potential candidates against the search criteria developed in partnership with our client. We conduct a multifaceted evaluation including performance-based assessment to learn about candidate accomplishments; a leadership based assessment to ascertain how candidates achieve their goals and an organizational based evaluation to discover the company environment in which a candidate will be most successful. Selected candidates will be asked to respond to a self-evaluation document that probes deeper into their backgrounds.

  • Job competency focused assessment
  • Leadership assessment
  • Organizational fit
  • Self-evaluation


TRS Executive Search meets with you to present candidates who best appear to meet the search criteria and through the evaluation process have exhibited the business and personal characteristics to leverage their abilities long-term. We also provide marketplace information indicating contacted organizations and the general reaction to the position and your company.

  • Provide candidate assessment
  • Review candidate self-assessments
  • Provide employment and compensation history
  • Provide marketplace data


TRS Executive Search will assist you in closing your lead candidate. We construct, present and explain a competitive offer based on realistic market data and your company's compensation strategy. We are your intermediaries in the sensitive and detailed process of final negotiations.

  • Negotiations and narrowing the difference
  • Employment offer design and mediation
  • Realistic market competitiveness


TRS Executive Search understands post-hire integration and retention are key facets to any successful hire. We maintain consistent contact with candidates we place and our clients to ensure a smooth transition. We are proud of our high retention rate of placements.

  • Ensure smooth transition
  • Follow-up with successful candidate and client
  • Provide feedback to unsuccessful candidates
  • Integration support for placement and hiring manager over next 12 months and beyond